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Welcome to the NC Incident Response Improvement System

Provider Incident Reporting

     Providers: You may enter only Level II and Level III incidents.

To view or Edit an existing Incident Report, enter the Incident Number and Consumer Name. If you do not have the Incident Number, please call your LME and request that it be sent to you.

If you are unable to access the Incident Report form through this web site, notify your LME's QA/QI office by phone. You are still responsible for reporting the incident and must complete a paper copy and deliver it to your LME within the required timeline.

Links to Other State Agencies and Documents
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Consumers and Family Members Consumidores y Miembros de Familia
To submit a complaint, call the DMH/DD/SAS Advocacy and Consumer Rights Office at (919) 715-3197 or CARE-LINE at (800) 662-7030.

Report abuse, neglect, exploitation or injury to your county Department of Social Services (DSS) office. Click on the following link to obtain a list of the DSS offices in the state where you can get the phone number for your county's DSS office.
Para presentar una queja llame a la oficina de Servicio de Cliente y de Derechos del Consumidor en la División de Salud Mental, Discapacidades de Desarrollo y Servicios de Abuso de Sustancias: al (800) 662-7030.

Reporte abuso, negligencias, explotación a daños a la oficina de servicios sociales en su condado. Este enlace le llevará a una lista donde puede encontrar el número para la oficina de servicios sociales en su condado.
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